The Brand New Challenge for Families


“A house having a loving and dependable couple may be the supreme establishing which children could be raised for each other and righteousness and where the spiritual and physical requirements of children could be met.”

It had been Aristotle, in the Social Philosophy that has defined the significance of family in society. Based on him, the household may be the grounds for community, but he doesn’t adequately establish the value of the person and also the intrinsic goodness of marriage and family. The brilliance and sovereignty from the political regime overshadow the household.

Today, the entire Catholic community celebrates The Feast from the Holy Family. The Holy Family, based on the church is the best illustration of what families ought to be. However, the household now-a-days has been confronted with several challenges which puts the household inside a dilemma.

You may be wondering, what could possibly be the possible challenges for your loved ones today? There are many possible challenges for your loved ones using one of these different challenges would be the following:


Individualism is virtually an ideology, a social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the baby. This way of thinking technically favors and uplifts the person being an entity that doesn’t need or require other people from the family. The way of thinking where I’m great and may survive without the assistance of other people that surround me.


Pleasure may be the sole or chief good in existence. This way of thinking or ideology focuses more about achieving pleasure. As lengthy being an action provides pleasure, may it be physically or emotionally, I don’t need to be worried about what others would say, think, or do. My aim as a person is just to offer the greatest form or amount of pleasure.

These two ideologies are thought threats in the household simply because they start dysfunctionalism in the household itself. Dysfunctionalism in the household structure is rooted as both ideologies have a tendency to take away the other people from the family, these ideologies don’t think about the other people from the family, and since both of these ideologies or ways of thinking focuses more about the person person, living a remote existence where he doesn’t need to interact, or perhaps be worried about getting equilibrium along with other individuals or people from the family.

The household structure is gradually being destroyed and being destroyed by such ideologies which makes it challenging for parents so that you can educate their kids fundamental ethics but for the children to possess a grasp of what’s right and what’s wrong. The teachings of hedonism and individualism use twist concepts of right and wrong, of bad or good, etc.

This is actually the new challenge for families today. Just how can parents cover the cost of the household act as one unit, the unity and unity from the household is now being taken away and being eliminated by the idea of Individualism, where I don’t any longer see myself as dealing with another people from the family but being employed as just one individual? Hedonism however, destroys the unity from the family by pushing indisputable fact that I’d only follow my parents or use other family people as lengthy because the task is enjoyable but when I do not find pleasure inside it, then I wouldn’t get it done. Given both concepts, exactly how should we now raise our kids and exactly how should we educate them the need for family?

The task from the household is challenging for people. Challenging that could make the total dysfunctionalism of society. This really is something which we, like a nation, like a country should face and resolve. Challenging that isn’t only contained in the Philippines but additionally in families located far away and nations.

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