Strategies Schools Use to Help Overloaded Teens


Parents know that the teen years are some of the hardest to deal with. A lot of changes are happening in their bodies and many teenagers suffer with their mental health. Some schools help their teenage students better than others. Here are some of the main strategies used to help teenage students who feel overwhelmed.

Awareness of the Importance of Sleep

If you are thinking of sending your daughter or son to an international school in Bangkok, find out if they offer support for teenage students. Every school should have a good counsellor on hand to help any students who are having problems.

One way schools can help is to promote healthy sleeping habits among teenage students. It is vitally important that teenagers get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Some schools have run campaigns highlighting the importance of good quality sleep, while others have gone a step further by pushing back their start times to more teen-friendly hours. Not getting enough sleep correlates with increased stress levels in teenagers.

Reducing their Workload

Some schools understand the importance of adapting their curriculum to help their teenage students. In some cases, they have reduced student workloads to ensure they better handle pressure and relieve stress.

For example, many schools have decided to limit their freshman students to just 2 AP (Advanced Placement) programmes. In the past, teenagers were putting too much pressure on themselves by taking too many AP classes in their final year of school.

Restricting Sports Classes

We all know that getting involved in sports has many benefits to both our physical and mental health. But there are certain times when teenagers should exercise and times when they should not. Because their bodies are changing so rapidly, they sometimes do not sleep well and have trouble getting up in the morning and going to sleep at night.

There have been documented cases in the US where some schools have decided to limit sports classes and not allow early morning practice. These restrictions also stopped late evening training sessions to help teens focus and relax when they go to bed.

There are many ways to help teenage students better deal with the demands of academic life. As you can see, many schools are trying to implement strategies to help teenage students better manage their schoolwork. In addition to schools providing help, there is also a lot parents can do to support and guide their teenagers.

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